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Photo compliments of Poorhouse Sorghum, Gravel Switch, KY

The 2024 Springfield Washington County Chamber of Commerce Sorghum Festival will be Friday, October 4th and Saturday October 5th. Volunteers are needed and appreciated. Please contact us via email at [email protected] or call us at 859-336-5412 Ext. 5.

Many events are planned including the 5K Sorghum Shuffle, Baby Contest,  In the Barnyard Events, Parade, Frog Jumping Contest, Dog Show, Big Wheel Races (Big Wheels provided), Car, Tractor, and Motorcycle Cruise In, Washington County Fair Exhibits, Food and Craft Vendors, Informational Booths, Sorghum Kids Festival and Free Concerts!!! Come join us for the 2024 Sorghum Festival.

What exactly is sorghum? Sorghum is a tall, broad-leaf plant that resembles corn in the field, but the grain crop is best known for its end product, sweet sorghum syrup. Kentucky and Tennessee lead the nation in sorghum production. It is typically harvested in September and October. Many sorghum producers extract the juice from the freshly cut plants right in the field. The juice is bright green and generally goes to the mill where it is kept heated in holding tanks until the next day when it is cooked, thickening in to a light amber syrup. It takes 10 gallons of the juice to produce 1 gallon of syrup.
Sorghum is 100 percent natural and is high in antioxidants. It may be substituted in recipes for sugar, molasses, or honey. See for details.

Nutritional Values of Sweet Sorghum
Protein, %Nx6.25 300 mg Magnesium 20.00 mg 
Carbohydrates 15 gm Phosphorus 11.00 mg
Calories 62 Potassium 200 mg
Calcium 30 mg Sodium 1.60 mg
Copper 0.03 mg Zinc 0.80 mg
Iron 0.76 mg Riboflavin (B2) 0/03 mg
Source: National Sweet Sorghum Producers and Processors Association

For those who have visited the Sorghum Festival for years and wish to be able to get Poorhouse Sorghum through out the year you can find their online store at  PoorhouseSorghum – Etsy

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