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Awarded to a Washington County citizen who has served our County throughout their lifetime.

Awarded to a Washington County citizen who has demonstrated outstanding community    services over the past year.

Presented to a young person who has demonstrated a dedication to our community, not typical for someone their age. Excellence in the classroom and community service for Washington County are imperative.

This award is given to an individual or business who has dedicated their life  to promote agriculture in Washington County.

Given to an individual or business who has contributed significantly to our local agricultural community in the previous year.

This Award was created in 2004 to honor a person or persons who have made significant contributions to our annual festival.  Recipients have generally put many hours into making our annual festival a success.

This is awarded to a Washington County citizen who has started their own business in our community and contributed to our counties growth.

Awarded to a current Chamber Member in good standing who has contributed significantly to the Chamber’s needs, either in volunteer hours, monetary donations for events, or by donating items for the chambers events.  Without an active membership our Chamber would not succeed .


Lifetime Achievement Award

1965 JS Morgan

1966 Albert Goatley

1967 Bennett R. Lewis

1968 J.W. Janes

1969 Harold Hindman

1970 Ruby Stetson

1971 Troll Young

1972 George L. Haydon

1973 F. Booker Robertson

1974 J.V. Newby

1975 James I. Miller

1976 J.R. Montgomery

1977 Dr. R.A. Hamilton

1978 Father J.T. Blandford

1979 H. Edward O’Daniel

1980 Rev. Frank Allard

1981 Glenn Salmon

1982 Darnell Waters

1983 Dr. Dixie Snider

1984 Dwight Wright

1985 John Parker Wharton

1986 William B. Pettus

1987 Jimmie Carrico

1988 Alan Baker

1989 Frank Peters

1990 George Matherly

1991 Tom Duncan Reed

1992 Mrs. Bennett R. Lewis

1993 Bubba Robertson

1994 C.H. Haydon

1995 Robert Goodlett

1996 Mrs. Louise Eddleman

1997 John Cecconi Sr. & Jack Waff

1998 Dr. John Isaacs Sr.

1999 John R. Hardin

2000 Kathryn K. Simms & Sandy Simms

2001 William L. Logsdan

2002 Hugh Lee Grundy

2003 Robbie Polin

2004 Maxine Elliott

2005 Ann Taylor Waters

2006 Dr. Brain Wells

2007 Mike Haydon

2008 Senator Dan Kelly

2009 Joan Hamilton

2010 Joe Pat Haydon

2011 Carroll Kelly

2012 Douglas George

2013 Hamilton Simms

2014 Dr. John Cecconi, Sr.

2015 Sister Diane Traffas OP

2016 Laurie Smith

2017 John Settles

2018 Steve Hale 

2019 Debbie Harrod

Citizen of the Year

1990 Marithelma Downs Kelly

1991 Mary Jo Maguire

1992 Elaine Simms

1993 Knights of Columbus #4270

1994 Pat Clements & Hal B. Goode

1995 Ralph Hamilton & Rev. Ken Graham

1996 Billie Ann Riley

1997 Carolyn Hardin

1998 Chuck Polin

1999 Len Spalding

2000 Donna Spalding

2001 Laurie Smith

2002 Ralph Blandford

2003 Ben Smith

2004 John Isaacs, Jr. DMD

2005 Sue Harmon

2006 Elaine Simms

2007 Tammy Osbourne

2008 Ruth Smith

2009 Steve Hale

2010 Sr. Claire McGowan

2011 Bill Robinson

2012 Pat Kirsch

2013 Bernard Smalley

2014 Lisa Haydon

2015 Cassie Robinson

2016 Greg Goatley

2017 Craig Herald

2018 Gayle Worthington

2019 Annmarie Lloyd

Young Leader of the Year

2003 Mandy Smith

2004 Laura Thompson

2008 Jordan Settles

2009 Charlotte Campbell

2010 Bob Grider

2011 Benji Gaona

2012 Will Begley

2013 Seth Robinson

2014 Aaron Robinson

2015 Madison and Lauren Taylor

2016 Spencer Langford

2017 Sarah Downs

2018 Lydia Smith

2019 Laura Smith 

Agriculture Achievement Award

2011 Michael & Nora McCain

2012 Joe Bill Homan

2013 Rick Greenwell

2014 Norma Jean Campbell

2015 Joe Allen Carpenter

2016 Dennis Morgeson

2017 Richard Medley

2018 St. Catharine Farm

2019 Mark Hale 

Agricultural Leader of the Year

2010 Tom Congleton

2011 Phil Billings

2012 James and Tara Osbourne

2013 Richard Medley

2014 Rising Sons

2015 Jeremy Hardin

2016 Bart Mattingly

2017 George McCain

2018 Clements Ag Supply

2019 Washington County Live Stock Center

Sidewalk of Fame

2004 Freddie White

2005 Ralph Blandford

2007 Hamilton Simms

2008 John Willie Ellery

2009 Jane Livers

2010 Mike & Billy Russell

2011 Charlie Walls

2012 Springfield State Bank

2013 Bobby and Belle Sutton

2014 Robert “Sports” Hamilton

2015 Glenn Mattingly

2016 Roberta Hunt

2017 Bart Mattingly

2018 Sue Blair

2019 Chris Essex

Entrepeneur of the Year

2013 Wesley Smith

2014 John Strickland

2015 Michael Will McCain Jr.

2016 Nancy Carney

2017 Springfield Laundry

2018 McCain Bros. Excavating, LLC

2019 Muddy’s Market

Chamber Member of the Year

2013 Atmosphere Entertainment

2014 Blossoms and Bows

2015 Washington County Farm Bureau

2016 Springfield State Bank

2017 Stephen and Jeanette Nally

2018 Brady Electric

2019 KY Farm Bureau

 Full List of Award Winners

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